Over 65 Insurance Plan Options

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There are 3 Options for over 65 Insurance Plan:

Option 1: Medicare Part A + Part B + Health Plans in Washington

  • Part A-(no cost) covers hospital
  • Part B-($121/mo.) covers medical
  • Part D-covers prescription drugs, premium starts from $18/month.

* Medicare covers only 80% of most medical services in addition to deductibles. 

Option 2: Medicare Part A + Part B = Part C-Medicare Advantage

  • Part C – may cover more than original Medicare, predictable co-pays, max out of pocket, prescription drugs, wellness benefits, eye glasses, dental, hearing aids and has a max out of pocket. It starts at $0 premium.

Option 3: Medicare A + B + Part D + Medicare Supplement/Medigap

Medicare Supplement may cover all your co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance that Medicare won’t cover. It starts from $85/month.

Over 65 Insurance Quote

If you need a Medicare quote and side by side comparison of all Medicare health plans, Life, Dental, Hospital Indemnity, Long Term Care & Final Expense in Washington states, feel free to contact us and we can email, mail or call you with a quote that best suit your needs.

Other Insurance Plans beside over 65 Insurance Plan:

Life Insurance = Issue age 15 days to 75 years old.

  • Guaranteed death protection up to age 120
  • Chronic Illness, Critical and Terminal Illness Riders
  • Waiver of Premium

Dental Insurance = As low as $25/month

  • No waiting period for major dental work
  • Start coverage the next month
  • Enroll anytime throughout the year

Hospital Indemnity = No deductibles

  • Provides cash benefits to use as you see fit
  • The hospitalization benefits are predetermined and paid regardless of any other insurance you have.

Long Term Care = Provides asset protection

  • Receive care at home
  • Rate may not increase once you bought a policy
  • Policy may cover for the rest of your life

Final Expense = Very affordable as low as a dollar a day

  • Guaranteed issue
  • No underwriting
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